Thanks for stopping by, and welcome to my blog!

My name is David Chan. You may know me as "PandaMonium" around here, and I kinda live up to that name. I do enjoy a good freak-out session if I get a free room or seat upgrade.... *hint hint* D:


I also seriously enjoy traveling, enough that I started this blog to share my experiences!


Admittedly, I am a bit of an accidental traveler. I have an acute fear of flying, and I much prefer staying home on the weekends. Like my name suggest, I can be a bit jittery... Maybe it is an odd combo for a traveler, perhaps.

However some of the best experiences I've had in life were sitting in an airport waiting for a flight to a new, foreign destination, or counting down the minutes to revisit friends I haven't seen in years half the world apart.

My family is from Hong Kong, and they currently live there at the moment. Where as I am based and settled in the US. Over the years, I have made well over 30+ trans-Pacific flights to visit family and friends, and it became just another part of life for me.


I learned to deal with my fear of flying and need of traveling at pretty young age. Growing up, I turned to finance for my career, and I currently run a real estate development company in the Midwest for my full time job, which offers me a degree of flexibility to travel.


As I got older, I started looking for ways to make my travel experience smoother than flying the usual economy class with my parents in a tin can for 15 hours, all while actually spend less cash than many travelers flying on the same plane even in BASIC ECONOMY, while I am sitting up front in First. I am obsessed to max out the value out of my cash and I always try to find deals around!


Perhaps it is my inner-accountant self that I now enjoy spending hours on my weekend researching, and mining for the next flight or credit card deal that would drastically reduce my out of pocket cost as much as possible while still traveling in some of the most luxurious options available!

Being a nervous flyer, I do my best to smooth out the rough edges to make my traveling as stress free and enjoyable as possible. Why not try out 15 hour of luxury to compensate for the fear of flying in a 400 mph metal tube?!! (at least for the sake of the poor soul sitting next to me.... so I don't streak his arm rest with sweat. Oh dear.)


This blog will be equal part journal, part personal finance, and part travel. I hope you find useful information and insights here, and feel free to contact me if you need help with your own travel plans!

Who knows. Maybe I will bump into you in the next airport lounge you visit. :)

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