My Own Travel Goals!

I am a very relaxed, unstructured sort of traveler. I don't find myself drawn into the tourist traps, nor do I feel like having to experience every Michelin-starred restaurant on the guidebook when I visit.


My work in real estate can be extremely high pressure, so often you will find me taking on leisure travel where I take full advantage of comfortable traveling getting to my destination, as well as trying out higher end hotel accommodations and their facilities that is more R&R centric. 

Airlines To Try:                              Lufthansa (Yes please), Etihad, Qatar, Thai, Qantas

Cities I Want to Visit:                   Lisbon, Portugal;   Barcelona, Spain;   Berlin, Germany;   Frankfurt, Germany;

                                                        Rio de Janeiro, Brazil;   Singapore, SG

Hotels I Want to Stay In:            Any Park Hyatts... (I grew up a Hyatt boy, always a Hyatt boy),

                                                       Taj Mumbai, Amankila Bali

New Status:                                  World of Hyatt Globalist (I can always dream, tho Hyatt we need to have a word                                                                 about your program...)

On My To-Do List:

Current Statistics:

Airlines Flown:                              United, American, Delta, Southwest (American Carriers)

                                                        Cathay Pacific, EVA Airways, HK Express, JAL, ANA, Air Asia (Asian Carriers)

Cities Visited:                                Omaha (Home base), San Francisco, Los Angeles, Phoenix, Houston, Austin,                                                                      Orlando, New York, Washington DC, Chicago, Minneapolis

                                                        Macau (Family home), Hong Kong, Bangkok, Taipei, Tokyo

Points Earned Credit Cards:       Conservatively round 400,000 - 500,000 points per year, depending on signup                                                                    bonuses and business spending

                                                        As of Nov 2017: I have earned 700,000+

Number of Credit Cards Active:  17

Credit Card Debt:                          $0 (If you owe money to a credit card company and have to pay interest, you are                                                                doing this all wrong)

Status Travel:                                Starwood Hotels (Gold), Marriott (Gold), Hilton (Gold)

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