Hyatt 2017 Hotel Category Changes

December 12, 2017

Earlier this year, Hyatt announced changes to their loyalty program, switching their long time Hyatt Passport program to the current World of Hyatt format.


As a long time Hyatt loyalist I have mixed feelings about WoH, and there are plenty of opinions about how the program is heading. This is why today's announcement is slightly surprising.




Hyatt is revaluing 9 of their hotels, moving 8 hotels up in categories and 1 down.



Hyatt Place Orlando Airport (Category 1 to 2)

Hyatt Place Orlando / Lake Mary (Category 1 to 2)

Hyatt Place St. Paul (Category 1 to 2)

Hyatt Place St. Augusta (Category 2 to 3)

Hyatt Place Santa Cruz (Category 2 to 4)

Highlands Inn at Carmel, CA (Category 6 to 7)

Hyatt Place Long Island / New York City (Category 2 to 3)

Hyatt Place Shenzhen (Category 1 to 2)



The Confidante Miami Beach (Category 6 to 4)


The changes will go into effect after Midnight, Dec 12, Central time.


My surprise comes from the fact that despite an upbeat outlook on pricing and occupancy, only 8 hotels of their entire portfolio of over 700 hotels is going up in categories. I suppose they are still tinkering with their WoH loyalty program that they did not need too much additional variables with hotel categories, but stablity is always welcome.


I also found the change in the Confidante to be appropriate. I was considering visiting Miami earlier this year and considered redeeming at this hotel, but realizing it was a category 6 hotel immedidately scrapped that plan. While it is a nice location..... I've seen plenty far more exciting category 6 Hyatt's out there. For this to drop to category 4 now makes it a much more realistic option for my future Miami plans.


Also, none of the hotels going up in category is going past a category 4, so in that sense, there's not going to be any significant changes to free night redemptions off credit card award nights either.


How do you feel about these category changes? Any hotel pops out at you as good value still? Comment below!



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