How do I do it?

I travel on a budget. (No, seriously. I am pretty cheap. :P)


Yep... Shocking statement? Perhaps. Most of my trips are definitely high cash-cost trips... if you are paying retail. However, it is very rare for any one of my itinerary will exceed $1,000 per trip. I have budgets for international trips that is often times far less than what many of my friends spend on a weekend in Vegas flying domestic in econ.

My main objective is to spend the minimal cash cost out of pocket traveling, while maximizing the value I can generate from my credit cards with a fairly average lifestyle + a moderate business spend. 


Living in the midwest, things are cheap, thus I fully expect anyone living on the coasts in high-cost cities to be able to duplicate at least partially the strategy I use to plan my traveling.


Annually, I budget for travel spending of around $200 a month for a grand total of $2,400 a year. I would much rather spend money at a destination on food or experiences than on actual expenses getting and stating at a destination.

In order to fly business/first class, as well as stay in high end hotels, I take advantage of every sale or credit card offers available to reduce my cash cost to hit my own budget. So a large portion of this blog will be dedicated to resources for maximizing value out of credit cards, as well as travel portals that may aid you in finding those deals that will drastically slash your expenses.


I hope you will find in these pages ideas for you to plan your own travel strategies, as well as share your thoughts on my own plans!

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